Oil & Gas

Cipriani & Thomas, helps clients understand their rights and negotiates oil and gas leases to ensure fair bonus/delay rental and royalty amounts, reduce post-production costs to royalties, limit environmental impact, minimize liability to the landowner, and prevent producers from over-extending the term of the lease. Additionally, our firm can assist in advising and negotiating surface use, right-of-way and pooling agreements with producers.

Receiving an offer for an oil and gas lease is detail oriented and overwhelming, but it can also be tempting to sign immediately. Our attorneys negotiate oil and gas leases to tailor the terms to your specific interests, including the following:

  • Surface use
  • Prevention of underground storage tanks
  • Rights of way, including eminent domain, pipeline options, and access roads
  • Primary, secondary, and extension terms and options
  • Warranty of title
  • Limited production of oil and gas constituents and strata
  • Pooling and unitization
  • Implied duties and covenants
  • Shut-in provisions and royalties

Our attorneys are experienced in resolving disputes arising from oil and gas agreements.

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